About Us

At Starting Line we instruct on the basis that driving is a skill obtained through proper training (Skill), understanding of the rules (Knowledge) and experience through practicing good habits (Attitude). New drivers have trouble assessing their own skill level and can benefit from having a skilled, trained professional in the passenger’s seat to observe, teach and correct the over 97 actions required to be a safe and legal driver on even the shortest trip. We want to develop lifelong driving habits and behaviors in our new young drivers, and create a safe environment for all of us, one driver at a time.

We don`t want you to just pass your road exam, we want you to pass your exam with excellent driving skills and behaviors that will enable you to drive in any vehicle, in any situation, anywhere. Our goal with every client is to help produce the best, safest and most competent drivers on any road at any time.

Most of us are aware of how dangerous it is to operate a motor vehicle and be in situations that are uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. The people who are not as aware are new drivers who may be able to pass a one-time road exam, but are not prepared for the reality of driving on our roads and highways in the north. I teach all of my students good defensive driving techniques as well as the proper application of the rules of the road.

Thank you for your interest in my school. I look forward to teaching your children, friends and family members the best and safest way to become an excellent driver. Starting Line Driving School will get them from the Starting Line to the finish line……..safely.